Germany company formation is easier than you think and offers you many interesting opportunities. In this article, we will discuss the most important perks of Germany company formation for international businesses. Some factors that make Germany company formation so advantageous, are the Geran tax system, the favourable geographical location, near important ports and airports, the EU-membership of Germany and the stability of the German economic and political climate. When you finish reading this article, you will know all the basic ins and outs of Germany company formation. Furthermore, you will know where to find assistance from a local agency, which will make Germany company formation a swift and smooth affair. In order to benefit from your Germany company formation as much as possible, it is smart to employ the experience and expertise of a local specialized agency. They can give you advice that is specifically suited to your wishes and situation. Furthermore, they speak the local language and have extensive knowledge of all of the administrative and legar requirements. They make it possible to form a company in Germany in a mere 2-5 working days, depending on the company form that you choose, like a UG or a GmbH. Relying on a local agency which knows all the ins and outs of this process will make Germany company formation a breeze. Choosing to do so, will help you benefit from the fortunate circumstances that this country offers to international businesses. For instance, there are considerable tax benefits. These are discussed in detail on the website of a renowned agency with extensive experience in Germany company formation, called Intercompany Solutions. Read more about tax advantages and other beneficial factors on their website by clicking on the following link: As you will see, Germany is a nation that is a core member of the EU, known for its succesful economy and being very hospitable to international companies. Not only is it the leading economy in Europe, but also the the 4th largest economy worldwide, as well as the 3rd largest exporter in the world. Are you are an investor from outside of the EU? Then it is good to know that business immigration is also a possibility in Germany. With the help of a specialized agency this can be arranged in a relatively simple way. Are you a bit overwhelmed with all this information? We have listed the most important advantages in a brief overview below.

Some advantages of Germany company formation

Germany company formation is a perfect way to benefit from the many fortunate conditions that Germany companies enjoy. This country is very open to international business who want to settle in Germany. Doing so will offer you many benefits, such as:

  • operating in one of the largest economies worldwide
  • politically and economically stable climate
  • favorable geographical location
  • high-quality staff
  • high tech infrastructure
  • advantageous tax system

Assistance of a local agency when forming a company in Germany

Forming a company in Germany can be quick and easy, especially if you decide to hire a specialized agency to supply you with the necessary support and services. Depending on the kind of business you want to form, you can be open for business within 2-5 days. Germany company formation is even possible without visiting the country. This can be done remotely, with the help of Intercompany Solutions. They can also take care of all the secretarial, administrative, legal and financial tasks that are required for the formation of a company in Germany. Join over 500 happy owners of companies in Germany who have benefitted from their services and visit their website now 

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